is a 45 minute immersive job trial experience in which you, the audience, take to the streets and deliver food to real houses. As you pick up meals from a local restaurant and answer customer phone calls, your Team Leader Trevor insists the job's not really about cheesy crust pizzas or spaghetti carbonara - it's about connection. And some connections can change a customer or staff member's life forever. 
Hang onto your visor, this is customer service like you've never experienced it before...

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Coburg Carnivale 2018 (Low Res JPEGs)-13

WARNING: this show contains adult themes.


"This is the most unique show I have ever seen! Imagine your VR experience has come to life and you are trying to find out as many details as you can, all while being part of the story! More than just excellent acting, it’s a one of a kind experience…"


"The show expertly provides a commentary of mental health and the human need for connectedness. It will make you laugh and question your part in the mental health of others. At the end it sees you reaching for the phone to call your Mum or Dad."


"What a fabulous & unexpected experience! The cast were fantastic and the content thought-provoking. A unique way of confronting very valid and sad truths about ourselves, our families & people in our community. That said it was lots of fun! I would go again in a heartbeat." 


"It’s intriguing and whimsical, highly engaging throughout and with much built-up anticipation that leaves you with a strong sense of foreboding. Prepare to be challenged by the end of this brilliantly delivered journey. You will enjoy every minute of the ride."


"It was super engaging, relying on audience contributions whilst having strong lead performers carrying the show regardless. It made me laugh, feel happy, embarrassed, sad, awkward and empty, all in such a short time frame...At the end you’re left with the need to reflect and think about loneliness and support. I would highly recommend it for others to see it and enjoy!"


"nomnomnom is not a theatre experience you can categorise or put in a box. It was unexpected, taking us on a journey through physical motion, humour, darkness and introspection. It left me talking to strangers about the impact of social isolation and unlikely connections that make our lives memorable. It was a microcosm of universal forces that pull us together and apart."


"A masterpiece of juxtaposition , this is performance art at its finest! Think classic Wayne's World meets Six Feet Under - totally fucking cool, yet macabre…a complete rollercoaster of emotions."


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